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Bombed Building

The War in Yemen -
Why does God let it Happen?

We who saw it were all sobered and deeply saddened by the picture in the New York Times earlier in the week of the skin and bones young girl. She was starving in Yemen.

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Your Vote Counts badge

The Dilemma of Voting
by C. Donahue

What do you do if you are a person for whom faith is important, and the political parties espouse things that go against what you perceive to be the will of God?


Statue of LibertyInjustice

The Gift of Freedom
by Trish Overby

Most of us in the West would consider ourselves free – free to act, free to speak or, in other words, free to choose to do these things.  It is what the USA is based on – freedom.


Boardroom Meeting
The Vital Importance of Integrity
by Marty Poehler

Imagine you have been a member of an organization for a long time. It recently got a new President and CEO. He had been successful in his previous job. Right from the start, however, in his new job there was a shakeup almost daily.

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Titanic Going Down

Our Rudder
By Dan Schafer

When the Titanic sailed across the Atlantic in 1912 there was great hubris both among the makers and owners


Wheat Field

Should we be Surprised?
By C. Donahue

The alarming news -- once again -- of pedophilia, homosexuality and fornication by clergy in the Catholic church is sending new ripples of shock waves


Old Sears Catalog

Goodbye, Sears
By Dan Schafer

Like many others, I am sure, particularly those of us who were born before about 1980, I felt a little nostalgic about the news of Sears' bankruptcy. They were the thing of dreams to a young boy coming up to Christmas time.


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