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Birth of Jesus

Is the Christ of Christmas a Myth?

There appeared on our planet about 1950 years ago a remarkable human being. The documentary evidence for his historicity exceeds anything we have for anyone living at that time. But is the Christ in “Christmas” a myth?

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Your Vote Counts badge

Views on Gun Laws - Where can we Agree?
by Marty Poehler

In early 2018 a “social experiment” took place. Sponsored by Time Magazine, 21 people in America with vastly different experiences and attitudes towards guns were put together for a two-day session in Washington DC.


People walking at mall

Do you see me Standing here next to you?
by Peg Coleman

The end of the year is closing in. So one could argue that it’s understandable when we go rushing past each other on the street or in the store with furrowed brows or anxious looks on our faces.  


Settler with Blunderbuss
Rights and Security in the U.S.
by Martin Overby

The word firearm casts a shadow going back more than 300 years. Describing a combination of potent chemistry and mechanics, it enabled a moderately skilled individual the power of lethal force in a small device.

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American Coins

Immigration - Blessing or Curse?
By C. Donahue

“In God we trust”. It’s one of our American values printed on every coin. Our founding fathers referred here to the God of the Bible – the Creator of Heaven and earth.

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US Flag & Guns

Freedom and Guns
By Trish Overby

In my previous article I talked about our gift of freedom, especially freedom of choice. Now I would like to bring up the possibility of this freedom of choice in relationship to guns and gun control.


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