January - March 2004 Issue

Editorial Days of opportunity for nations in the West.

The Individual vs. Terrorism -- Mariane Pearl How can an individual fight terrorism?

Our Amazing World: Strange Animal Behaviour Despite the modern idea that animal behaviour has developed by chance, over time many species exhibit actions that are hard to understand outside of the idea of a universe that exists by design.

Dying to Live Are you dying to live?

Management: The Need for AcceptanceDoes vanity or insecurity drive business people to publicly flaunt their success?

Do Not Begin to be Anxious Thoughts from Philipians 4:6

Daily Discipline: Daniel, Part 1Living by convictions wherever you are.

The Shortfall in the Global EconomyGlobalisation has obvious benefits, but what about its drawbacks?

Energy Demand: Intelligent Control Take control of your electric bill.

Superhuman Life No.101: The Basis of Life Are we autonomous human beings?

Personal Experiences of God Mary R. Denman tells how God had worked in her life.

Visit The CCI Library The CCI Bookshop is a review of different books and audio cassettes from the CCI libraries in South Mimms, England and Raleigh NC, USA.

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