August - October 2002 Issue

Editorial Lasting peace in the Middle East

Modern Art: Beauty in the Eye of the Artist? What is the meaning behind the beauty?

An Alternative to Scandals? Why do people today engage in scandalous disgraceful behaviour?

Energy: Is the Answer Blowing in the Wind? Reviewing the features of wind power.

Taking Business to the Web - The Technology: Tables and Frames How to use tables and frames in your website.

Management: Advancement -- The Best Way Forward?Utilizing talents and capabilities in the workplace.

The Cinema Can we use films to make sense of our lives?

Daily Discipline: God the Father in the Book of Ezekiel Exploring God's character.

Superhuman Life No.98: The Life Within Our lives have been foreseen by Christ.

Personal Experiences of God Rev. B.F. Crary, D.D. tells how God had worked in his life.

Visit The CCI Library The CCI Bookshop is a review of different books and audio cassettes from the CCI libraries in South Mimms, England and Raleigh NC, USA.

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