May/June/July 1998 Issue

Editorial Generosity is needed during hard times.

Responding to the Situation Who can we trust in this world filled with panic, disregard of government and confusion?

Telemarketing: Could I Please Speak to a Real Person? Many receptionists have become like machines. They seem impersonal and unfeeling--unable to understand what a caller is saying.

Special People Why do we consider some people special?

What's on the Tube? Where has all the violence come from?

Steps to Starting a BusinessStep 4, Part 2: Knowing What is Needed: Financial Needs

Daily Discipline Nehemiah Part 2: Revival

Personal Experiences of God Charles Cullis, M.D. tells of his walk with God.

Management Matters: What is my Role? Learning to be an effective office manager.

Which World do You Live In? Have you ever heard the phrases, "she wants the best of both worlds" or "he is a worldly person", and wondered what they meant?

Guarding our Spiritual Health Any relationship worth having needs daily maintenance and renewal.

Superhuman Life No. 87: What Attitude Should I Have? The reality is that God is inside you -- and you are inside God.

CCI BOOKSHOP: Mere Christianity C. S. Lewis appeals to that place in each of us that senses there has to be something deeper to this life.

Visit The CCI Library The CCI Bookshop is a review of different books and audio cassettes from the CCI libraries in South Mimms, England and Raleigh NC, USA.

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