March/April 1998 Issue

Editorial New international economic opportunities bring with them new dangers.

E-Commerce: Doing Business on the Internet Many companies now profitably conduct part of their business on the Internet.

Stock Market: East vs. West Should stock market investing be about more than just making money?

Nickel Free Plating: Making it Work Problems in manufacturing led to learning a personal lesson.

Steps to Starting a Business: Step Four: Knowing What is Needed. What physical requirements need to be dealt with when starting a new business?

What is True Charity? Charity can be "second best", or it can be real.

Daily Discipline Nehemiah: The Man for the Time.

Superhuman Life No. 86: Where is There Then Superhuman Life? Christ's life is inside each one of us.

Prayer: That Empty Feeling Is it possible to regain the carefree attitude to life we once had?

CCI Bookshop: Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell The CCI Bookshop is a review of different books and audio cassettes from the CCI libraries in South Mimms, England and Raleigh NC, USA. This book looks at the facts to try to make an informed decision about whether or not the Christian faith is valild.

Diary of a Business Woman: Statistics: Help or Hindrance? Statistics can bring clarity to your business or increase your confusion.

Visit The CCI Library The CCI Library on line is a collection of entire books from the CCI libraries in South Mimms, England and Raleigh NC, USA.

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