Jan/Feb 1998 Issue

Editorial A business can grow by servicing its customers.

Advertising: We're Here to Help! A look at how advertising is used during the busy Christmas season.

Do You Enjoy Your Work? Meaningful employment does not come from working in a pleasant environment but from our attitude.

Telemarketing: I Don't Have Time for Telephone Tag! Techniques to avoid telephone tag.

Steps to Starting a BusinessStep Three: Proving the Idea

Christmas: What Did it Mean to Us? A look at how Christmas has turned into a stressful, busy time.

Daily Discipline Elijah Part 2: Depression and Self Pity.

Diary of a Saleswoman: My Question and Answer How selling jewellery can be a gift for Jesus to use.

Superhuman Life No. 85: Today in Paradise Christ's life wants to be expressed through us.

Diary of a Business Woman: Worship at Work? Approaching God at work.

Visit The CCI Library The CCI Bookshop is a review of different books and audio cassettes from the CCI libraries in South Mimms, England and Raleigh NC, USA.

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