Superhuman Life No.116

Directed or Improvised?

by Ernest O'Neill

   Life is utterly different if you know why you’re here.   If you know, you can live and be and act with freedom and enjoyment.   If you don’t know, you’re always trying to guess what others will do and then work out what you can do.   And everything in the world is becoming so complicated and unpredictable that daily life can seem more like an obstacle course or Chinese water-torture than something joyful and free.

      Getting up in the morning is different when you at last realize that your Maker is your father and that he put you here to live as his child.   And that he has put his own Son’s spirit inside you to enable you to be like Him and add his own touch to the world.    Do you brush floors or wash windows ?   Do you head up a business or sell stocks ?   Then relax and do it well because that’s what your Maker planned for you this day.   If you personally reach this conclusion, the whole control of your daily behavior changes from you to the Maker of the universe.    The primary preoccupation of your life ceases to be your own survival and success and becomes instead a concern for your maker’s purpose in creating you and enabling you to exist on this planet.

     This, of course, takes us to the central purpose of what this whole life is about.   Why did our Maker make us and put us here ?   And the best explanation we can give is from the only human-being that is described in history as “the express image of the invisible God, the first-born of creation, for in him all things were created – all things were created through him and for him; he is before all things, and in him all things hold together”.   This is the man, Jesus Christ, whose historicity and identity as the son of God we substantiated in the first ten talks of this series.   From him who is the unique, supernatural son of our Maker – we derive our adopted sonship because “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which he has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them”.

    Your life begins to feel like yours – as opposed to feeling that it is just a carbon-copy of so many others around you.   Often you’ve felt like a statistic in the government’s or the advertisers’ surveys.   Sometimes you’ve wondered if everyone has the right to direct your life but you. But you have a different feeling about living when you grasp the fact that the Creator of the universe has put you here to do something that only you can do in just this particular way.   Moreover you start seeing that you are different from every other human-being that has ever lived or ever will live; you are as fitted for what you’ve to do as everything else that has been designed for a purpose.

    Yet there is another reason to be happy and it is more important than the “good works” you are here to do.   You are here because you are part of God’s Son – you yourself are not divine like him – you’re not God, but God has made you in his son.   Just as he was a baby inside Mary in Bethlehem, so he is in you and you are in him.  Obviously we’re not talking about the same kind of mass as ordinary matter or flesh and blood, but on the other hand we’re not talking about any invisibility that is more invisible than atoms or quarks.   This is why Jesus said, “the Father is in me and I am in you”.    This is the most important reason for you to be happy about your life – you are here because the Creator’s son lives in you in a unique way that he doesn’t live in anyone else.   This is why there are so many of us – only thus can our maker’s Son express all of his  many-faceted nature.  It is only reasonable that if all of us were made in the only Son of the creator of the universe, then it will take millions of us to express fully his own nature and heart and attitude.   This is what you do in a way that none of the rest of us can do !   We are all individually members of his body – and we will have a unique place and function in the infinite world of eternity.   So our dreams of space are just little glimpses of the limitless world we will each experience after we leave this planet.

    Our most important task is to discover what our maker put us here to do.   So the first step is to take him and his existence seriously and realize that he is conscious of us, knows we are here, and wants to show us why we’re here.   Thus our life will be directed rather than improvised.

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