Superhuman Life No.114

Self or Maker ?

by Ernest O'Neill

     If you are here on earth so that your Maker’s only son can live as you - and do things through you, what’s the problem ?    Obviously the first is that you may not believe that – so I do suggest that you read thoughtfully the first five or six segments at the beginning of this series.    Without a clear intellectual basis you won’t be able to consider this “supernatural” life at all !

     But the second problem is simply that “self” is ingrained deeply in your life: you speak and act on the basis of what you think – not on the basis of what your Maker’s son thinks.   The resolution of this problem requires action from you and action from the one who made you.

      The difficulty is that we are not only tied to this earth by the law of gravity but also by animalistic needs for security, significance, and happiness that we have met through things, people and circumstances in this little world.    The whole purpose of our creation is to give us the opportunity to fully understand and experience the difference between life with our creator and life without him.    So most of us find ourselves addicted to the substitutes we have autonomously developed here on earth.   When we try to live the way we were meant, we find we can’t – because our very nature seems to be perverted.

       It’s alright to say we should get up in the morning and wonder what our Maker’s son wishes to do today, but we find our mind is utterly taken up with breakfast and what will happen today in the office.    We try to think “holy” thoughts but our mind has been shaped for years by looking out for ourselves and our own welfare.   We aren’t used to taking any interest in what the maker of the universe might want to do in us today.   This is why so many high and noble-minded visions for personal life collapse in a series of failed promises and resolutions.   We find we just can’t do the good that we want but keep on repeating the same mistakes and vices.

       This is why it’s vital to see that we “do-it-yourself”ers cannot get rid of our “do-it-yourself” nature by doing it ourselves!    We can’t because we don’t really want to – our natures have really become perverted and corrupted by centuries or years of living off the earth rather than God.    The only one who honestly does want us to live in the reality of dependence on our Creator is – our creator – who is really our loving Father.    All we can do is ask him to show us what he sees we need changed so that we can acquiesce and He can change us.   This is the reason for creating us in his only son – he must bear in himself the consequences of giving us freedom to kill or destroy – otherwise his will is not integral with his nature.   This death in him in eternity was expressed in Christ’s death in the first century on earth.   As we acquiesce in the destruction and renewal of our own nature in his Son, the work executed in eternity is actualized here in time in us.

        So, as we face a marital crisis over money,  the first step is to examine what we want, what our partner wants, and what we think our Maker wants.    Jesus stated his Father’s will: “whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery”.    Usually we’re very clear what we want – our own way, our freedom from this burden, and the convenience that we get from the other person.    Money problems center on its use or absence.   Self wants independence in its use and help in its absence, but love means wanting the other person’s happiness at the expense of self.   So the issue is simply that you and your needs died when you were crucified with the Maker’s son – you must decide if you will accept that and trust Him to provide you what you need.    There is no question that this is the attitude Christ takes, but you alone can examine all the consequences and make an irrevocable commitment to your Maker’s will.

       Most issues that we face day by day resolve themselves into this equation so that we’re faced with a choice between self and God, his son living in us or us living for ourselves.    The world is designed to work only one way and what we have now is the result of our trying to make it work the other way.   The fact is that marriage is not meant to give us the society, help, and comfort listed in the marriage service as some of its gracious results.    We are not intended to demand these from each other and to feel deprived if our partner fails to supply them the way we want.   All of these can come from the only truly independent person in the universe.   Other human beings can never give us the society, help, and comfort that only our Maker can give us – and he can give them to us only if we have accepted our death in Christ to all these “rights”.

        So in our marital difficulties, supernatural life from our Maker will flow into us only if we come to accept the death of our old perverted heart in this cosmic death that was wrought for us in Christ, our Maker’s son.    Only when we die to getting from our partners what only God can give – only then can He fill us with his consolation and love and comfort.    Our whole life and the life of the world is designed to demonstrate to us what life without God is like – and to lead us into the cosmic death to self which opens our lives to his own uncreated life.


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