Superhuman Life No.113

Inside Out or Outside In?

by Ernest O'Neill

What we've been saying is that there are two very different ways to live life here on earth. You can get up each morning, look ahead at the day's events and try to plan what you'll do or be doing in each situation: your main concern is how to act and react to the things that other people will do or say or think. And, probably, you'll have in mind what you yourself need or want to do to protect or improve your own situation. But you will be at the center of all your thinking and planning -- and your own desires or preferences will be your overall concern.

The other way to live life on this earth is to get up each morning, remember that someone else got the sun up -- and someone else, as Einstein says, has designed the order that our physicists perceive in the natural world. Just as that great mind has planned for the bees to pollinate the crops so that we have food to eat; just as he has balanced the air pressure and the temperature of the oceans so that we are not flooded out of existence, so he remembers why he made you. In other words, the maker of the universe has not just planned what the sun will do today or what effect the moon will have on the tides or how the forest fires this month will renew the trees -- so he has planned what he has in mind for you today !

You can see how this changes your whole approach to the day -- if you believe that this is really the situation. It means that your day is not just a matter of chance or other people's plans or even your own short-sighted wishes. This means that your maker not only knows you but that "all your days -- every one of them -- were written in his book before there were any of them": this is what he said through a Jewish writer years ago in Psalm 139:16. This doesn't mean that you're just a robot or that you can't resist God's will, but it does mean that you can either make things difficult for him or you can enjoy the things that he has planned for you. Our maker cares about you and will continue to try to draw you along the ways that he has planned, but he will never force you against your will -- even if this means he has to bear the ill-effects of your autonomy for years !

How do you know what he has planned for you today ? Most importantly, believe the obvious fact that if he has planned the orbiting of the planets and the operation of the whole natural world, then he certainly has a detailed plan for you whom he has made in his own image. The corollary to this is that the spirit of his only son is in you and it is his desires for you that will bring fulfillment to you and satisfaction to his father. This means listening to the intuitions that he gives you from within; this is the big difference between this life of reality and the life of unreality: you live from the inside out not from the outside in. You go to work each day --confident that your creator knows what you're going to face -- and confident that he knows what you are to do, and will tell you at the time. Will you make mistakes ? Will you think you're listening to his voice when you're really being pressured by what others think or want ? Of course, at the beginning it's like learning to breathe properly in scuba-diving: it requires presence of mind and active consciousness of the real situation. But gradually, you become more conscious of the Creator's presence and opinion than of the people around you.

Will he guide you independently of your colleagues and fellow-workers ? Sometimes he will, but always with regard to what is really best for them. The kind of life his son, Jesus Christ, lived when he had his own physical body here on earth in the first century of our era -- that's the kind of life he will continue to live through you. So, one way that you can increasingly co-operate with your Creator's son is to become familiar with the life he lived when he was in Palestine. His life then is regarded as the most unselfish and wisest life ever lived. It was responsible and thoughtful and considerate, but it was also courageous and free from man-fear or sloth. As you seriously study the spirit of his life that was expressed in the streets of Jerusalem and Nazareth you'll be influenced by his spirit in your own life and understanding. Most of us find that we become gradually more and more aware of what his spirit within us desires and feels.

Do we find any difficulty at all ? Yes, most of us do -- so let's talk about that next time.


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