Your Work

by Ernest O'Neill

You probably have moments yourself when you're surprised by the strength of impulse you sense within you to do something or say something. It's as if some force other than yourself is urging you forward. Often we wish our sense of direction was always like this - it would make life so much easier ! But - surprise, surprise - sometimes it might not !

The incredible truth is that this is the way we were meant to operate all the time in this life. In fact, you have been created as part of the Creator's only son and our Maker's plan is that his son would work through you to develop this world according to his design. This way we'd have found the oil and the coal without desolating the landscape and the environment - we'd have developed the rich life of the oceans and rivers without emptying them of their replenishing abilities. We would have built our cities with enough open spaces and facilities to keep them liveable while providing enough togetherness to fulfil our capacities for social intercourse. This has always been our Maker's plan - and even now his son's spirit within you is still alive trying to move you in the direction he has for you.

The truth is that none of us are dispensable or unimportant - every one of us is here by special appointment of the great being whose detailed design is evident everywhere we look. Our parents may have planned or not planned us, but He HAS PLANNED OUR EXISTENCE ! Why do we miss this kind of living ?

Sometimes we make our lives boring and dry because we simply don't believe there's any overall plan in the universe. We persuade ourselves that the whole thing really has come about by chance plus time. It doesn't really make sense to us because we know how much thinking we have to do to bring about just a little order in our lives, but we listen to the crowd and conclude that there's no order or plan about life, so we'd better do what we need to survive. The result is that we become driven byanxiety that we won't get enough food or clothes or shelter to keep us alive and comfortable. So, we give ourselves first to getting these things and the money they require. This desire for things and security creates a strong, driving urge within that takes hold of our minds and wills. We become fixated on the need for a job and money to keep ourselves alive and our life slides into the rat-race of 8 to 5 labor that we don't enjoy but feel we need. Life becomes dry and boring so that we cannot begin to think of why we're really here.

If anyone suggested to us that we may have been put here to do something that no one else can do in the same way, we feel like laughing at them. We feel we are not great pianists or artists or singers or musicians - we have no great gifts that the world is anxious to pay for. All we can do is try to keep ourselves the way our parents kept us when we were children. If anyone says our maker may have something for us to do that no one else can do in just that way or time or place, we laugh at the idea and ask who will keep us alive while we do these great things. So we are incapable of even beginning to believe that "inner impressions" or "urges" are the way we could live our lives because we doubt that there's any greater power who is supervising the universe and our lives.

Of course the result is that our maker would have to virtually chain us to make us do what he has planned - and he will never do that. Most of all, he wants us as children and friends like his only son - he does not want automatons who do what he wants because they cannot do otherwise ! So we never hear his inner voice except on those special occasions when he attempts to get us to listen. This is why one of his servants said that the first step is to "believe that God is and that he is a rewarder of them that seek him".

So, what is the first step towards a life guided by the great conductor of the universe ? To believe the words of his son "look at the birds of the air - they do not sow or gather into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them - how much more will he feed you, you of little faith" - begin to live each day and face each fear with belief that our creator knows and looks after you.

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