Step Out of Yourself

by Ernest O’Neill

When you think of yourself as the little boy or girl that was created by your mother and father, you're living in a little corner instead of the great expanse of reality!

Certainly the Maker used them to beget you here on earth, but you yourself were created by the Creator inside his Son - that's who you're part of and He is your real father. Do you doubt it? The greatest book we have that gives the clearest, most credible account of our Creator is the Bible - and it contains the statement: "you are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus". Elsewhere it states: "Christ is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation; for in him all things were created - all things were created through him and for him".

In fact, other parts of the Bible make it plain that Christ, God's divine son, became the father of humanity himself way back before the creation of the world and that He made you so that he could do things through you if you were willing. So your life is far more significant than even you have thought - it is really part of God Himself - and dear to Him because you're part of His own Son.

Is This for Real?

Now all kinds of religious people - Moslems, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, spiritualists take bits of this reality and reduce it to their own language and customs so that it becomes very offensive and petty, but that's no reason why you should reject reality and live in a petty, little skin-tight corner of unreality. Yet that's what many of us are doing: hence the pathetic worrying about MY job, MY future, MY comfort, MY savings. It's all rather silly if you are, in actual reality, a vital part of the son of the maker of the universe - especially if he has made you a certain way that is fitted to express some facet of his character that only you can show.

Of course, if this is all foolish philosophising and has no basis in fact, then we'd better get back to our little lives that go out like a light in 80 years. But the historical facts are that this man Jesus of Nazareth lived the life and died the death that is reported in the Bible, in Tacitus, Tertullian, Josephus, Philo, and hundreds of other writers in the first two centuries of the first millennium. While histories of Julius Caesar, Plato, Mohammed, Buddha, and other well-known figures depend on 20 or 30 manuscripts that are sometimes hundreds of years later than the events recorded, the details of Christ's life are exchanged by scores of writers a few years after his resurrection: in the Greek language alone there are over 4,000 manuscripts from 150 to 1,000 years following his death. In other words, no ancient event has been more carefully substantiated and examined than the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. No life in the world is so like what we would expect the Creator's Son to have been!

You're Part of God

These are some of the basic reasons why we have to seriously face the responsibility of stepping out of ourselves and stepping into reality - the spacious, uplifting reality of being part of the wonderful, infinite human being that is the Son of the Maker of the world. This means getting up each morning and realising that the "head of the universe" has all kinds of things to say and do in you and through you this day. It means that the oppressive feelings about the bad taste in your mouth and your apprehension about the day's events are unimportant details that will sort themselves out as the Maker's son begins to live His life in you today. The thoughts that you're thinking are thoughts that He knew would be in your head - He knew that years ago because He is able to see all the sequential seconds of time from the point of view of timeless eternity. Like looking at a process from a third storey window, He can see not only the part that is passing in front of those sitting at ground-level, but he can see the part of the procession that is past as well as the next part that will be passing in a moment or two. This is reality! Christ - the maker's Son - is the person of whom you are a part. Sure - you're not God - sure, you are divine only because He is - sure, your divinity is derived from Him - you were made in Him whereas He is begotten by God, our Father, directly. But you ARE part of Him - part, in a real sense, of God Himself. From the very beginning of eternity God conceived of you as part of His son - a part that would chose to have your own will rather than His, but a part of Him that He would continue to patiently and lovingly keep within his own Son as He put up with your wilfulness and cruelty.

Step Out!

So - step out of yourself !! Stop thinking in terms of that little cell of self in which you've allowed your imagination to imprison itself. That smallness is the unreality and the lie and the illusion. The truth is that you were "created in Christ Jesus for good works that God has prepared beforehand that you should walk in them" - you don't have to walk in them, but your Maker will lovingly keep drawing you back to them each time you head out in one of your futile detours. By the miraculous calculations of a super-computer, our Loving Father enables you to exercise your own will even as He exercises His - and patiently waits for you to relax in His Son where He has placed you from the beginning.

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