by Ernest O’Neill

What are you? Not just a little human creature born of two other little human creatures so that you plus another little human creature could bear other little human creatures! But you were created by the Maker of the universe inside his Son; you are part of the Son of the Creator of the world!

I Don't Want to Be

You may protest that you don't want to be anyone but yourself BUT somehow you need to see that you are yourself when you accept that you're part of this unique person who lived as Jesus of Nazareth. That's who you were made to be -- the idea that you're not this is the deception that introduces trauma to your life. This is not only reality but it is the very best that your Creator could do for you -- it's the only way to allow you to use your free will yet save you from the permanent, disastrous consequences of your choices. That's what this dear Person has done for you - in the timeless, spaceless real world He has borne inside Himself all that you have done and said and been in your life, has neutralized all of it by taking the consequences upon Himself, and has brought you into new existence inside Himself.

Real or Legend?

So that you don't slip into playing mental games with these facts as if they're simply bizarre ideas that may help you deal with life, clarify for yourself that this Jesus really lived in the first century in Palestine, that the facts of his life and resurrection are backed by 4,000 Greek manuscripts aged from 150 to 1000 a.d. (compared with 20 for Plato's Republic or Caesar's Gallic Wars) and that non-Biblical historians like Tacitus and Tertullian corroborate his existence. In other words, examine the evidence so that you are beginning to relate your existence to the basic facts of the whole creation. Only then will you be able to develop an understanding of your own place in the scheme of things. Only then will you be able to develop a way of thinking and a way of living that is realistic.

Jesus himself talked about his existence with his Father, the Creator, before the world was, and his power to rise above his own death clearly shows that his existence far transcended this physical world. But the most explicit statements about our own origins come from those that He chose and guided as disciples and apostles. John, for instance, states that "all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made", while Paul avers that "you are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works that he has prepared beforehand that you should walk in them". So, it's vital that you are clear about this person, Jesus, and avoid the thoughtless myths of some mystical, moral teacher who shows the world how to live. He is far beyond that -- He is the one of whom you are a part -- in Him your protons and neutrons hold together -- without Him you wouldn't exist!!

What's the Purpose of Your Life Then?

But why did God make you inside his Son? Not only so that the consequences of your free will could be faced and dealt with in his Son's necessary death, but so that Christ could develop his world through you by the power of his Father's life. This is the meaning of God's commission to us to "be fruitful and fill the earth and subdue it". Such a task could be accomplished only by the person who originated the earth and could control it: He alone by his own power could develop the resources of the world in a way that would harmonize everything as God planned. If we tried to do it (as we have) by ourselves, we would destroy each other through our greed and selfishness. Only He knew how the metals and chemicals of the world could be developed to bring joy and beauty.

Moreover, you were made inside Jesus Christ because through you He could fully express His infinitely profound nature. So your natural personality is a carefully designed frame within which He wishes to express his own beauty and life. However, in this case the frame is so aptly and uniquely fitted for this painting that it itself is part of the original art. This is why Jesus Christ refers to you as part of his own body like one of his fingers or arms or eyes. You can see that this completely transforms your place in history and the world. The idea that you are a little separate human creature placed here to find your own way and make your own mark on the world is a cruel lie. You are part of God's own family -- an integral part of his own Son. Your purpose is tied up with His and the work you have to do is part of his work.

How Do You Know What You Should Do?

What do you want to be when you grow up is not up to you -- it’s up to Him who brought you here. It’s not something that can be decided by your performance in some test or examination or interview. It’s something that you alone can find out because it’s something that you alone are fitted for. Your life is unique -- Jesus Christ has not provided for someone else to express Him exactly the same as you -- you’re the only one can do it. And He’s the only one can show you what and how.

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