by Ernest O'Neill

This then is the glorious reality in which we live! We are not little insignificant insect-like beings trying to thread our way through this evolutionary puzzle of complexity. We are actually each part of God Himself -- who has "created us in Christ Jesus for good works which He has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them". We don't actually do them -- we just "walk" in works that He has already prepared in His transcendent Son, Christ Jesus.

One Great Human

There is really only one Human Being and that is God's only-begotten Son -- we are all made in Him and therefore parts of his body. But He is the great manager -- we are simply the managed. He is the Head - we are just His body. His is the initiative -- and the responsibility; ours is the response.

You are relieved of the intolerable burden of making your life count or " making the world a better place to live in". You cannot make one person do what they should do -- you cannot prevent one person from living in unreality. Indeed, your own life is perverted whenever your attention is focused on things and circumstances and people. You don't really have a direct line at all to these phenomena-- you have a direct line only to the great Person of whom you are part. He alone can affect any change or improvement in this universe!

The Work is all Done

He has seen the whole of the world's life in a milli-second before it all began -- and He has already brought it all into line with His Father's will. Now, slowly in time, He manifests through you and me what He has achieved in His cosmic death and resurrection in eternity. But that's our only responsibility -- to move our hand while He manifests the piercing of the wood by the nail as our hammer touches it. It is Him that holds the wood together and parts its fibres to allow the steel nail to go through it.

So -- with all the apparent changes that we seem to bring about on this earth -- it is not us that cause the effects -- it is He that is simply revealing what He has done already in eternity. So, why all our fretting and sweating and striving to succeed and live a good life? No reason at all -- a tale told by an idiot - a great charade that we play to make ourselves seem important! Yesterday we sent our 92nd space-shuttle into the sky with millions watching the launch of this little flaming object in the sky; today, the massive orb of the sun rises from the same horizon with no fuss or publicity. So our petty preoccupation with our self-importance distracts us from the great relief that reality brings to each of us.

Whose Life is It?

This life of yours is not yours - it's really His! You came here because the Son of your Creator owns you as part of Himself, and your life here on earth is a life that He and His Father planned from the beginning of eternity. That's how really important you are! But you mutilate the whole glorious experience when you think of yourself as apart from Him rather than a part of Him! Of course you move your hands and will your mind to think certain thoughts, but as you rest in Him and in your appreciation and love of Him, you end up miraculously doing what He planned to do through you.

You don't need to worry about doing what He destined you to do -- simply see "it like it is" -- that you are part of Christ, God's Son, and that this is really His life, not yours -- and He will ensure that your resulting actions correlate with the "works He has prepared beforehand that you should walk in them".

Foresight and Free Will

Part of our own bewilderment arises from this attributing to God a mind as limited as our own, that is, a mind that can only see things sequentially where the future has to come after the past. Thus we cannot see how God can see what we will do and then preserve our free will while He "works all things according to the counsel of his will". But He is infinite and in Him all human paradoxes are resolved - He is able to plan the piercing of the wood by the nail -- and then, centuries later, manifest that as we (through the free exercise of our own will) hammer that nail into the wood.

So your life is not a burden to be carried or a goal to be achieved -- it is an exhilarating joyride to be enjoyed as part of God's Son. Each morning, the Son does rise -- within you! And there lies before you a wondrous series of experiences to be relished as you sense the pleasure of God in His powers being exercised in you. This spells the end to your toiling to succeed and make a mark for yourself; it puts to death all the labouring to fulfil your destiny and the ambition to satisfy others' expectations. Now life can begin -- that carefree life that replaces the care-ridden life -- the life that is not yours but His!

How can this all come about? The place to start is the truth. And the truth is that you were created in Christ and are part of his body here on earth. You need to think about that and quietly see the consequences for your own attitudes and behaviour. Gradually, the strain will begin to slip away from your face and forehead so that your whole body will relax. Then, you will start to hear or know His activity within you -- and you'll know what to do.

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