by Ernest O'Neill

Christ, the infinite Son of our creator, who transcends all time and space and as Jesus of Nazareth and Josh of Birmingham lifts up prostitutes like Magdalene in Galilee or Maggie in England, is living inside you this very morning as you awake! He wishes to be and do certain things this day through you that will delight his Father who made you inside Him.

There's Another Person Inside You

This is the actual reality of your life. It's not just an uplifting thought to encourage you; it's not simply a philosophy that will help you; it's not just a way of thinking that will improve you. This is, in fact, reality - you were made inside Christ, our Creator's Son, so that you would share his relationship with his Father. In fact, this is the only life you actually have - the one that you pretend to live on your own (inside yourself) is a temporary seventy-year shadow of the life you'd have had if God did not exist. When He granted us free will, He had to face every consequence of that life inside Himself in eternity before he could in integrity destroy it.

This is why he made you inside His Son - he bears daily in you every consequence of your independence. At the same time, He continues to feed you his own life to keep your heart beating and your blood circulating. But, more than that, He rises with you every morning desiring to fulfil in you the things that he has planned to do through you this day. You were made to share and experience his thoughts and feelings and actions. You were made to live in the expansiveness of his mind and the exaltation of his feelings. In him, you awake each morning in paradise.

But outside Him and inside yourself, you experience the deadness of a TV without electricity, the inertia of a car without petrol, the emptiness of a life without direction. And He - Christ - bears the strain and stress that would otherwise kill you. Our vague consciousness of this terrible unreality causes what Churchill called the "black dog" of depression or the dreadful sense of unrest that keeps so many of us doing, doing, doing!

Yet all the while - paradise lies all around us - and presses to fill us with its happiness; for Christ holds on to you - despite your own determination to die by living a godless life in a world made by God. That's why you feel good at times: He is graciously sharing some of his feelings with you. That's why you feel generous and unselfish at times - why you can even love others. Just as Einstein said that all ideas come from God, so any good that you do is done by Christ inside you. Usually at these times you're least conscious of yourself - sometimes you feel it's something other than yourself that's doing or thinking these good things. The truth is - it is!

Your Present Life

This is the reason for the apparent slang names used in the first paragraph: Christ as Jesus of Nazareth in the first century expressed gentleness and clear direction to the prostitute, Mary Magdalene; today He is still doing the same in his Spirit for some prostitute called Maggie. He transcends time, so He is able to live both outside it and inside it: it is Him himself that you often feel as your "better self" when you're struggling against selfishness or pettiness or temper. Our Creator has committed Himself in His Son to suffer imprisonment inside you and to bear the strain and pain you choose to inflict upon him by your sinning. Resolutely He lives and waits inside you in order to begin the life He and His father planned to live in you with your active co-operation. This is the whole purpose of your life.

The moment you actually realise this becomes your first moment in paradise - simply because this is reality! The life you've been living as an autonomous, self-made human being who finds himself or herself on this earth with responsibility for their own survival and happiness is history! It's a life that God foresaw you would live - a life that He and His Son saw in every detail before they ever created you; it's a life that they endured inside themselves and therefore in integrity had the right to destroy. Christ then raised you up new inside Himself in that pre-creation milli-second of eternity - and that is the only life that really exists now. This is the life that Christ waits every day to express through you, but He can do nothing until you abandon the life that He crucified with Himself.

But the very second that you see all of this and turn to Him, that very second all his sentiments and attitudes flood your mind and spirit; your life lifts onto a new plane, and all the brightness and power of eternity begin to percolate your character and your behaviour. This continues and grows in intensity as you continue to operate in reality. So, your fallen life is replaced by your real life!

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