by Ernest O'Neill

The Great OOOOM !

Many of us feel a oneness with the universe. Some of us express it in the spiritualist terms of "cosmic consciousness" while others express it in terms of human unity or the Hindu idea of possession by a world-spirit. Somehow, whether we're Buddhists, Moslems, or agnostics, we all feel that we belong vaguely to each other and to the creation itself. Our perceptions of this unity lead us into many different kinds of behavior and philosophies, but the truth is that re-incarnation, cosmic consciousness, Hinduism's great "ooom", Buddhism's negation of the self, and much contemporary emphasis on racial or social unity are just shadows of one great reality.

That great reality is that you and I were created by our Maker as part of His Son - His only-begotten Son - known and often mis-represented as Jesus Christ. Despite all the shallow references to him both in agnostic and religious discussions, his life and resurrection are undoubted historical facts backed by more reliable manuscript evidence and historical research than any others of that time. Besides, the eye-witness confirmation of the lives of his disciples occur repeatedly in the non-Biblical literature of the period, so that the unprejudiced intellect cannot avoid the conclusion that this man is indeed the Son of God. Moreover, He did not become God's Son at his well-known birth in a stable in Bethlehem - He existed with God before the world was made !

Why Were you Created?

It was at that time - or timelessness, which we call eternity - that you were created inside Jesus Christ. This is what Paul, one of his disciples, wrote in a letter to the Ephesians (2:10) - "you are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, for good works which he has prepared beforehand that you should walk in them". This is possible, of course, because God is infinite, can see around the ends of time, and sees everything is one moment. So your life was brought into existence first in Jesus Christ - and secondly, years later, made visible in your mother here on earth. This is partly why we all feel part of each other in some vague way.

But it also explains the reason for your own existence. You were made as part of God's Son because He too is infinite and is the result of His Father's love. Many of our fathers had something of our Creator's nature - they delighted in seeing us be what we were - or do what we could do. God has the same delight in His son, so He wanted him to express the infinite beauties of his nature so that they could enjoy together the love they had. But this kind of love involves all the wonders of unselfish giving and forgiving, bearing and forbearance that is required whenever beings are free. So, the moment God conceived His only-begotten Son, at the same moment He created in him all of us - including you. He knew that He himself could not be satisfied with captive beings who obeyed because they could do nothing else: such beings could never love because they were loved, but only because they were forced. The world and its consequent development followed from this situation.

God Foresaw the Mess We Would Make

Our Creator foresaw the creation of the earth in His Son, our disastrous exercise of our free wills in Him and their cataclysmic effects on the physical universe, and at once enabled His Son to bear all these and reverse them by His innate power. But through it all, both our Creator and His Son have held on to our universe and have kept you and me within their own life-power whatever pain this has cost them. The expression of this "eternal", timeless suffering is what the crucifixion at Calvary is all about.

This helps to explain why we all feel related in some way, but it also explains the great hostilities and insecurities we feel in regard to each other. Most of all, it makes it plain that you, in this life, are not only part of Christ's pain, but are also part of his reversal of the world's chaos. Not only were you created in Him, but it is His life that keeps you alive; in other words, He Himself is in you - and has already settled the things He wishes to do through you in this world.

Far from being a little speck that has no reason for being here, you are part of the Son of God. You are not him, for only He was begotten-personally by his Father, but have been made part of Christ: again it was his disciple, Paul, who wrote to the Corinthinas "you are the body of Christ, and individually members of it".

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