by Ernest O'Neill

Most of us feel we're on our own! We have felt this way ever since we left the family home. Some of us feel it even before that. We try to become part of somebody else by making friends or marrying, but often we still feel we're alone. This is a downright lie.

You Are Not On Your Own

You are not on your own! You are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus! "Don't be crazy," you say, "talk sensibly -- I'm a product of my father and mother having intercourse -- I came out of their bodies!"

That's the way the Creator brought you into existence here on earth, but He made you yourself in that same millisecond "in Christ Jesus" His only-begotten Son. That's what Paul, Jesus' follower, wrote in his letter to the Ephesians, chapter 2, verse 10 - "You are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus". But, you say, I don't believe in Christ -- I'm not religious. It doesn't matter -- that doesn't change the facts.

The facts are that Jesus Christ (whose life in the first century is more reliably documented than that of Julius Caesar or Plato) "is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation; for in him all things were created" (Colossians 1:15-16). "All things" includes you! The truth is that Jesus is the Son of our Creator, and He Himself was the first to be born in His Father's creation; then the Creator made you IN HIS SON!

Why Do You Surprise Yourself?

Don't you surprise yourself at times? Aren't you surprised at what you can do when you try? Aren't you taken aback at some of the thoughts and good feelings you have? That's part of Christ's life surging up within you. "Oh, don't be ridiculous," you say, "how can Jesus have been born in 4 B.C., died in 29 A.D., and be the first Human Being in which everyone else was made?"

Because Jesus is eternal -- He is outside time and space -- so he is always alive. He prayed to God: "and now, Father, glorify thou me in thy own presence with the glory which I had with thee before the world was made" (John 17:5). Jesus was before everything -- and everything that exists was first "life in him". So it's some of His life that you feel at times inside yourself. Those moments when men and women produce strength and bravery that they never knew they had -- are moments when His life rises up within them and lifts them higher than themselves.

But I Don't Believe In This Jesus

But, you say "I don't even believe in this Jesus". That doesn't change the fact that God made you as part of His Son so that you would have the same life and blood running through you as His Own Dear Son. The Creator didn't make you as part of some kind of experiment or plaything. He made you part of his own family. "Wait," you say, "don't I have any say in the matter?" Of course you do -- sure, you're having it right now -- by the way you live and think and speak. But it's all happening inside the One in whom you were made -- He bears all the kicking you do (much as your mother did before you were born). There isn't a malicious thought that you have -- or a sarcastic word you speak -- that doesn't tear apart the one perfect Human Being that has ever lived. But Jesus will bear it all from you as long as you're alive -- in order to give you the chance to let Him live in you.

Finally, of course, the decision is yours. But He's the One that has faced the music for you -- when He was crucified. That was before the "foundation of the world" (Revelation 13:8), when God foresaw the life you and I would live and asked His son if He would bear its destruction inside Himself. So really, when we exercise our nastiness today, we create an evil that has already been borne and destroyed in Jesus. It's the hopelessness that stems from its destruction that brings such darkness to ourselves.

A Replay

So, in a sense, the life we live here is a replay of our old rejection of Christ's life -- the original hostile life was destroyed with us in Christ before this all started. Now we can look at what might have been -- and either acquiesce in it or choose the original life we were created in Christ to live.

You're not at all on your own -- you're an intimate part of Jesus Christ who has not only borne you in Himself, but has died with you in Himself -- so that you have a real choice between killing Him and letting Him live instead of you.

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