by Ernest O'Neill

Can you change your life? Can you break the patterns of thought and habits of behaviour that have ruled your life for years? Some of us dream of a permanent holiday-not just a wishful break in the Caribbean where something unexpected may happen or where we will somehow erupt into a new, wonderful existence-but a permanent liberation from all that we are and have been.

This has always been the plan for our lives from the very beginning. Our maker wanted us to experience life without him so that we would be making a conscious, intelligent choice if we determined to recognize Him as our Creator. So he has allowed us to become what we are-a product of our environment-and a prisoner of our environment! Our thoughts are so often the echoes of the TV commercials or the superficial comments -'the "rich and famous" or the ideals presented in the magazines. At times we fall back into things our parents or teachers told us-and at other times we do just what we have become i.e. we react like robots programmed by the constant repetition of certain thought patterns that seem to repeat themselves independent of our wills.

So, as we do again today what we did yesterday- as we make the same responses to the same situations or people as we did last week as we sink into JUST doing our jobs, JUST passing ourselves socially, JUST meeting our minimal responsibilities at home-we grows smaller We actually shrink-we were made to expand (not just physically) were created to grow and develop far beyond what we are ourselves. How? By thinking new thoughts, following new aspirations, attempting new things, speaking new words, going to new places, interacting with new people- because we are growing internally into new personalities.

New Lives

This is what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said: "If you lose your life, you will find it!"

Deep within you-below the level of your mind-below the level of your emotions below the level of your will-which all tend to be programmed by your body and the world of people and things-deep, deep down is your spirit. It's the part of you that is asleep; it is barely able to send up to your conscious mind some suspicions that you are unique and different from everyone else. As the years pass, these vibrations become fainter and fainter, but they are God's "taps" on your shoulder to remind you that He is there. This is Him telling you that he still has a dream for your life that is entirely different from the routine you have fallen into.

Starting from these little innuendoes in your spirit, it is possible for you to be completely renewed. You cannot yourself produce new ways to think or new ways to feel. You yourself cannot change your behaviour. But your creator is able to show you the way-the personal way he has devised for you to live His life here on earth. This is what is meant by the life of intuition. It's different from the counterfeit vibes of spiritualism or the new age-they are simply psychic, pseudo-spiritual messages sent by the world-spirit to make you an automaton. The Spirit of God wants you to be free-wants you to act as a truly free spirit. His whole plan for the universe is based on the possibility of your loving him because you want to love him. He wants you to want Him not only because he thought you up, but because you see what a kind Father he has been to you. Only then is he able to tell you through his Spirit and yours what he wants to do together with you in His world.

The Intuition of Your Spirit

How do we live like this? How do we begin to respond to this spirit? In daily life-at work or at home how will this spirit get through to us? When do we repress him? How do we please him? Let's talk more about this change of life.

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