by Ernest O'Neill

Life Gets So Old

It does, doesn't it? Exciting at six; exciting even at eighteen; but after you've mouthed the same old platitudes year after year (you can't trust people, think great and you'll be great, nobody can be honest all the time), life seems to grow more and more stale. And you yourself lose the sense that you are capable of anything new or different. All your friends know what you're like, what you're good at-and what you're not good at. It seems that all you've got to do is keep on doing what you're doing until you finally run out of breath!

This is what happens when we grow out of that bright intuitive knowledge we used to have as children. Even the dullest of us said little wise things that surprised our parents. Exciting little thoughts seemed to spring up in our brains at times-life seemed somehow more "first-hand". Now it's become "second-hand" -we repeat others' thoughts, newspaper headlines, summaries of others' theories. At school we began absorbing the "knowledge of good and evil" precedents that mankind has collected through the centuries, and that worldly wisdom is the only dead map we have to follow now.

Leaping Into Brightness

But this is not reality! This is the insufferable boring fantasy that we human beings create when we cease to be as direct and sensible as little children. This is the second-rate unreality to which we reduce life when we pretend there's no God and we're on our own here to do what we can with our lives. The first step back towards that intuitive knowledge that you once had when you were young is-to act as trusting and simple as a little child. Look up at the stars-of course, somebody must have put them there and ordered their orbits; of course, he must know you're here.

Of course, he must be trying to get through to you-otherwise-why did he bother to make you. Now-set up a "listening-post"-five or ten minutes each day when you sit alone with your eyes closed-think of him as like Jesus of Nazareth (whose life Buddhists, Moslems, Christians all regard as one of the most godly lives ever lived)-and quietly ask him to come through to you somehow. This very tentative move on your part is the beginning of the way back to what you were meant to be.

What Will You Hear?

Paul put it like this in a letter (included in the Bible) that he wrote to people in Galatia about 58 a.d. (Galations 4:6) -"because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his son into our hearts". The Creator of the world made you-but not quite the same way He made the animals and the mountains. First, He made you with his Son's help (John 1:3); secondly He made you out of his Son's life (John 1:4 : Greek literal translation - "That which has been made was life in him"); thirdly, "He chose us in him before the foundation of the world" (Ephesians 1:4) to be His children. And because we are in reality His sons (and part of His only-begotten Son), He has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts. Why?

Because He wants His Son to live a unique, unrepeatable life in you. That's why you have the attributes, traits and talents you have. They are all exactly right for the original life that Jesus has planned to live in you. The wonder of it is that He can only live it if you let him. He will not, indeed cannot, force you. He can only DO with you if you WILL with him. But in order for you to do that, you have to know the things he has planned to do through you in this world. That's why He has put his spirit in you. That Spirit is waiting for you to listen to Him-if you do, He will begin to come through. Somehow --sometime --somewhere. And gradually, his life in you will become normal and constant. And your intuition (that you experienced) as a child will commence to bright and energize your life!

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