by Ernest O'Neill

We've just completed a study of the results that follow from our lack of superhuman life. That's the spirit-life that our Creator intended us to experience in a close relationship with him. He made us to live in association with him as our Father.

As we saw, this would result in a great sense of security for us, real reassurance of our self-worth, and great satisfaction from knowing and doing the work he put us on earth for. But beyond these benefits for our personal sense of purpose and identity, this inner "connection" with him in our thought-life would result in psychological benefits of an unimpaired mind and balanced emotions which would produce a strong healthy body. When these factors are combined with a deep spirit-life that imparts the Creator's own directions through intuition, it's obvious that we were meant to live a life that is far above the dissipating, diseased, unbalanced and besieged lonely lives most of us live today.

Our Poor Substitute

Once we (or rather our forefathers) chose to live "without" God's directions or help, we had no alternative but to use the human life he had given us to get from the world what we needed through the centuries--with, as we know, disastrous results.

We've operated on the basis of what is mentioned in Genesis 2:17 as "knowledge of good and evil". This has meant building up a list of precedents from man's "trial and error" experiences throughout history. Not only does it result in domination and manipulation of mankind by the power of knowledge, but it has proven a very inadequate and crude method of dealing with circumstances and problems that have so many variables that "solution by study of past precedents" has become simplistic.

So dangerous is this "building on the past" for beings who were meant to develop the universe that the Creator simply eliminated access to His own spirit-life lest we try to use its infinite powers to bring about our own short-sighted and selfish purposes. This is part of the meaning of the statement in Genesis 3:22 which resulted in our present "lame-duck" human life.

Our Blindness

However, the powers and spirits that had already been given responsibility by Him for the supervision of this planet--known by the name Satan or popularly as devil--have concentrated on blinding us human beings to our "deprived" state. The great lie has been urged throughout history as it was expressed in Genesis 3:4. Even though our common-sense tells us it is illogical to believe that we are spinning through infinite space on a spherical spaceship by sheer chance, we have come to believe that ridiculous lie. Though we see millions die of heroin addiction or cholesterol imbalance, yet we continue to say "we won't die". Indeed, we humans have made our "self-made" existence such a complete system that our sheer blindness to our predicament has become the greatest obstacle to our deliverance.

Our Maker's Attitude

This is because our Creator's love was prepared for our calamitous declaration of independence" because His purpose was to create beings who would have free wills and could therefore live with him in a mature family relationship. He knew therefore that a declaration of independence was possible and was prepared to reconcile once we realized our rebellion and turned back to trust him. But we had first to become aware of our second-rate life.

So began a long "process of education" which began thousands of years ago when "natural law" dictated that Cain, the first murderer, would feel a loneliness and persecution because of his "sin" (Genesis 4:14). But not only did God arrange that our conscience would still trouble us when we lived without His spirit-life; He also imparted his spirit-life unconditionally to certain individuals down through the years so that He could "reveal" to them the way we should be living. One of the earliest summaries of these laws" is known as the Ten Commandments and is recorded in Exodus 20.

So blind and self-assured have we humans become that we have missed the whole point of these laws. They exist to drive us by frustration see that we are missing something-- we lack some superhuman life we were meant to possess. We have accepted them as a challenge or standard that we have to try to live up to. So, most of us live with a constant sense of frustration and defeat that is aggravated by vague feelings of guilt that we don't live the way we should. However, we keep on trying even though the Creator has a far, far better way. Let's begin to talk about that in the next article.

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