By Ernest O'Neill

It's a life that has greater capabilities than human life. Greater capabilities! Not just human capabilities intensified or quantitatively superior, but capacities that are different and more powerful than the ones we possess.

For instance, about 4,000 years ago a relatively small group of Israelites were faced with a strongly fortified city that blocked their path into land that they were to settle. There is no way they could penetrate the thick walls that surrounded the city, but their General sensed intuitively that God wanted them to march around the walls and then shout their faith aloud. They did this and the walls fell. Archaeologists have uncovered the site of the original city and their photographs show that the walls fell out--not in! This of course is opposite to what one would expect to find in the normal military siege of a city. So, there seems to be a force that can be released on matter by faith in the invisible power behind the universe.

Though our scepticism about this kind of event is based on the various mythical stories we have read about magic spells and psychic forces, the reliability of the historical documents and the archaeological evidence for Jericho's existence encourages one to examine other evidences of this supernatural life. Indeed, the remarkable preservation of the Israelite nation can only be explained by the recurrence of similar manifestations of this inexplicable energy.

Some years later after this destruction of the walls of Jericho one of their leaders called Samson was dying of thirst. He called on God, the creator of the universe, and a rock was split open and water gushed out for him to drink. On another occasion a man who believed the creator could release such supernatural life was staying with a widow when her only son died; he prayed and the young man was brought back to life. Several times during these centuries, a supernatural power divided the waters of the river Jordan so that people could escape from the enemies out to destroy them. Later on a famous soldier in Syria was well-known to be a leper; another man who believed the creator could intervene prayed and Naaman's leprosy disappeared. This same man, Elisha, who prayed for Naaman, told some of his associates to cut down trees for a house when one of them dropped his iron axehead into the river; Elisha threw a stick into the water and made the axehead float.

However, these instances of a supernatural kind of life changing the very form of matter and material substances markedly increased in number and frequency during the life of the unique human being who lived at the beginning of the first century. Jesus of Nazareth, whom we can explain only by accepting that he was the actual Son of God, calmed a storm on a lake, healed a man of congenital blindness, brought a man called Lazarus back to life in the very grave he had been buried, walked on the surface of the lake, cured a twelve-year-old haemorrhage, raised to life the daughter of a man called Jairus, made a few loaves and two fish multiply to feed five thousand people, and overcame death himself so that he lived for more than a month after he had been executed.

This supernatural life continued to change material things in the world after Jesus of Nazareth left the earth. One of his followers called Paul cured a life-long cripple, brought another man back to life, and healed physical and mental diseases by believing the Creator could counteract such material perversions. Despite the counterfeit activities of thousands of religious charlatans and pretenders through the censures, ordinary people have continued to this present day to experience the effects of this life that has capabilities beyond our human ones.

Undoubtedly the greatest change this supernatural life can create is the change in human nature itself. It seems able to pierce the deepest parts of a human being, analyze the motivational complexes, create a desire to change, and then provide a gentle but firm life-force that elevates the human character above what it has been for years. So, thousands of people like ourselves have somehow been enabled to virtually start life over again--with a whole new set of habits and traits of character that frees us from the slavery to self and the past. People who have been subject to depression and anxiety for years have been utterly changed into people with light hearts and a happy disposition. Others who were bound by bitterness and resentment for decades have been lifted out of their introverted misery and released into a balanced life of realistic honesty and magnanimity. Generally society has continued to survive because of the individuals that have been touched by this supernatural life.

There are two important questions to answer about this kind of life. First, why do we not have it naturally from the moment we're born? Secondly, how do we begin to experience it. Let's start answering these questions in the next article.

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