Where do you go for Food?


Which tree do you want to eat from?  Are you crazy?  I'll eat you out of house and home! Why did the creator then ask us that question when he created the world? Why didn't he just tell us to "love him or die" ? Because he knew nobody can have any real friendship with someone who orders you to "LOVE HIM" !!!  That's just basic common-sense - it's undoubtedly why our Maker gave us free will when he wanted other beings like his son. Nobody will be a good friend or associate because you've ordered them to do it!  Love is only possible where the will is free NOT to love.

So free will is the basic requirement for human activity - anything else results in passive will or mindless automatism. Free will unleashes the creativity and effort that produces improvement and inventiveness. Even more importantly for business, it produces competition and initiative. Where free will is replaced by central control or market demand is over-ruled by national goals, business falls into chaos and confusion.

So dictatorial or political theory will rarely produce the dynamic demand that free market competition generates.  Thus societies governed by free will usually result in human societies that are dynamic and lasting and self-perpetuating.   So free will seems to lead humanity towards businesses that prosper and endure.  Whereas central control leads to temporary order and then final collapse.


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