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October 2021     No. 146

This Issue-October 2021

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Is there a Creator that will take care of me?

Einstein said that the only explanation he could find for the order and design which he, as a scientist, discovered daily in the beautiful design of the universe, was the existence of a mind at least as great as his who put that design into the universe.

Order and design in our bodies-2

It's very easy to see when you look at our eyelids, eyes, heads, hands, mouths, and tongues, that there is incredible order and design and purpose and meaning in the way our bodies are constructed. Actually, wherever we look in our world we see the same truth exhibited, that everywhere there is a sense of meaning.

Is my marriage a problem to escape from?

What we have been sharing these past few weeks is that many of us have a total misconception of what marriage is. We have the idea that marriage is for our convenience. We think it's for our comfort. But in reality we marry because it is God's will for us to marry a certain person.

Facing Death with Peace in your Heart.

Thoughts about why you don't need to be afraid as you face death from COVID-19 - or from anything.

World Invisible

At an American university in the late sixties, some of us wondered (from intimations in the Bible) if there was some kind of "parallel universe" that made sense of life here on earth.

We've lived and worked together in the reality we discovered - for fifty years now - in the States, Europe, and Asia - and we thought it might help make sense of your life.

What is Reality?

What's behind the world we see?
How did it all come about? Is there some reality that ties it together?

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