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May 2021     No. 145

This Issue-May 2021

from the Editor

This issue of the Worldinvisible Newsletter includes:

Facing Death with Peace in your Heart.

Thoughts about why you don't need to be afraid as you face death from COVID-19 - or from anything.

Have we been visited by beings from outer space?

Military pilots in America have recently seen many aircraft flying very fast they can't identify. Congress will investigate. Are these beings from another world?

Strength of a Nation

It is very difficult to undo 200+ years of race discrimination. But one thing we know in a racially diverse country is that our children are colorblind.

What is Reality?

What's behind the world we see?
How did it all come about? Is there some reality that ties it together?

World Invisible

At an American university in the late sixties, some of us wondered (from intimations in the Bible) if there was some kind of "parallel universe" that made sense of life here on earth.

We've lived and worked together in the reality we discovered - for fifty years now - in the States, Europe, and Asia - and we thought it might help make sense of your life.

What is real love?

Most of us know marriage is in a very different state to what it was years ago. In some ways many of us dream about the old days -- maybe our grandparents stayed married because of what people thought -- maybe they stayed together because the small community in which they lived would not put up with divorce.  It brought a certain stability and steadiness that we lack today.


Order and design in our bodies-1

Your heart just keeps on going a hundred thousand times every twenty-four hours. It keeps doing that for seventy or eighty years of your life, and no one can explain it. We talk about electrical charges, but we don't know where the charges come from. It is a mystery.

Regeneration and Entire Sanctification-2

Does the distinction between regeneration and entire sanctification harmonize with Christian experience?

Historic Sources-2

What is the nature of the portrait of Christ painted by the evangelists? What impression was produced by Him on His contemporaries?

Einstein: "Science without religion is lame."

Real love is where we give our all to others, and trust our needs will be taken care of. It is rare. How is it even possible? The answer that we have begun to suggest is the answer that Einstein suggested himself.

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