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March 2021     No. 143

This Issue-March 2021

from the Editor

This issue of the Worldinvisible Newsletter includes:

Facing Death with Peace in your Heart.

Thoughts about why you don't need to be afraid as you face death from COVID-19 - or from anything.

World Invisible

At an American university in the late sixties, some of us wondered (from intimations in the Bible) if there was some kind of "parallel universe" that made sense of life here on earth.

We've lived and worked together in the reality we discovered - for fifty years now - in the States, Europe, and Asia - and we thought it might help make sense of your life.

What is Reality?

What's behind the world we see?
How did it all come about? Is there some reality that ties it together?

My Spouse is driving me crazy

How are things this week with you and your loved one? How are things between you and your wife or husband?

The Origin of Life - Evolution - Part 2

What is the Meaning of Life? That's the question we're discussing. Let's try to tackle it from the point of the earth itself.

Historic Sources - Part 1

from the short book, Son of Man

What was written about Jesus of Nazareth during his lifetime by the Romans and Jews?

Regeneration and Entire Sanctification-1

Is there a difference between getting close to God, and living a full and satisfying life guided by him?

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