Worldinvisible Newsletter

February 2021     No. 142

This Issue-February 2021

from the Editor

This issue of the Worldinvisible Newsletter includes:

Facing Death with Peace in your Heart.

Thoughts about why you don't need to be afraid as you face death.

Choices for Good

With free choice in a democracy, comes responsibility to others.


World Invisible

A link to a full website with videos and audios like you find here in the Newsletter.

What is Reality?

What's behind the world we see?
Here are 5 videos and 1 audio for you as you consider this question.

How to get a Clean Heart

A firm and sure answer to things inside us we don't seem to be able to control

Why Marriage isn't All About You

Can Marriage Work?  No. 7

The Origin of Life - Evolution - Part 1

What is the Meaning of Life?
No. 8

The Nature of Regeneration

Perfect Love - No. 3

Regeneration - a new relationship with God - takes place at the same time that we are justified with God.

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