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December 2021     No. 147

This Issue-December 2021

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Is the United States a Christian Nation?

The first answer to that question is a resounding, “No!” Its founders had the “Christian” background of Europe where there were cultures of “state” churches in Britain and the other European nations that were nominally Christian. And certainly the efforts of Luther, Calvin and the Wesleys had lifted not a little of the darkness of the institutional church. But if you ask whether Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or George Washington were Christian, we would probably say that is questionable.

Need Help? Just Ask

Last summer I was on vacation in Minnesota, and stayed at a hotel which had an outdoor courtyard for breakfast. There was a small basketball court for guests adjacent to the courtyard, and as I enjoyed my coffee and pastries, I noticed a tall older man warming up by bouncing the ball on the court and then shooting a basket....

Living Daily in Reality

Living daily in reality – that's what we all want to do ! But what is reality ? Is it just what we face in our jobs – getting enough money to keep us working so that we can have children so that they can grow up like us to get jobs so that they can repeat the whole thing all over again until we all cease to exist ? Is this the sum-total of reality ? Or is there some real reality behind this world that we see around us ?

World Invisible

At an American university in the late sixties, some of us wondered (from intimations in the Bible) if there was some kind of "parallel universe" that made sense of life here on earth.

We've lived and worked together in the reality we discovered - for fifty years now - in the States, Europe, and Asia - and we thought it might help make sense of your life.

Facing Death with Peace in your Heart.

Thoughts about why you don't need to be afraid as you face death from COVID-19 - or from anything.

Putting Your Neighbor First

How to love. How do you love your wife? How do you love your husband? How do you love your children? How do you love your neighbor? How do you love your colleagues at work? That's the question we've been discussing -- and we've answered that first of all, "You love by accepting what love really is."

Order and Design in the World Around Us

What is the meaning of life? We've been saying that there is meaning in the universe that we find ourselves in. We have been examining the world itself and trying to see if there is any meaning in the very material substance of the world that we find around us.

Is the Purpose of Marriage to Change the Other Person?

Can marriage work? That's the question we've been talking about these days together. We reached the point you remember where we said that marriage itself was invented and created by God for a purpose that goes beyond the two people involved. In a way, that is great as it rescues us from that very selfish, inturned, petty relationship that so many of our marriages deteriorate into.

What is Reality?

What's behind the world we see?
How did it all come about? Is there some reality that ties it together?

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