There Must be Someone That Has Put Order in the Universe

How to Love- Part 8

There Must be Someone That

Has Put Order in the Universe

by Ernest O'Neill

We're talking together for a few minutes each morning at this time on this station about how to love other people, and we have defined love as putting another person in place of yourself. It's loving your neighbor as yourself. That is, loving your neighbor in place of yourself, instead of yourself.

We pointed out, of course, that that is the classic traditional meaning of that phrase. We've emphasized that that is very clearly explained in the other quotation that is often used by human beings to define love, "Greater love has no man that this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

We have said that it is obvious from these statements and from our general understanding that love means putting other people in place of yourself and actually laying your own interests aside, putting at the disposal of another person all your abilities and your talents so that they will be happy even if it means losing your happiness.

We brought up the question, "Well who, then, looks after you? Who takes care of you?" We felt that many of us hold back from real complete love because we feel, well, we better take care of ourselves. We better look after ourselves a bit.

After all, there's no one to take care of us, so the sensible thing is to spend a good bit of love on yourself and then after you've done that you can afford to take care of other people. Of course, we all agreed that none of us ever get round to taking care of other people in that full, self-forgetful way. That involves real love. We're so busy looking after ourselves.

Can we afford to look after others?

We've been trying to begin to discuss that question of whether there is anybody who will take care of you if you give yourself up for the sake of your children, or for the sake of your wife or your husband, or for the sake of your friends. If you actually forget your own interests and put other interests in place of yours, if you are prepared to lose your own life so that other people can gain theirs, if you are prepared to give yourself to other people and for other people, then is there anybody who will take care of you?

Of course, Einstein, the great intellectual genius of our age is in no doubt about it. He says clearly, "Of course there is. The fact that we scientists can discover order in the universe, the fact that we can begin our theories and begin our hypotheses and begin our experiments with the supposition and the presumption that there is order in the universe, is because we believe there is order. Someone has put order in the universe."

There is order in the universe, the elements, and nature.

We believe that, of course, because of the many expressions of order that we already see in the universe. We see how the sunrise occurs so regularly that we can actually set our watches by it. We see that the planets orbit around one another even though they cover millions of miles, they orbit with great precision, such precision that we can actually ensure that our space shots land on certain planets at exactly a certain second in the midst of time.

We have seen that the chart of the elements can be prophesied by scientists even before certain elements are discovered, because there is a beautiful order in their atomic weight. We have discovered that there is an incredible balance in nature that enables the vermin or the germs that would otherwise overwhelm us to be consumed by other kind of life. We discovered that there is a great balance throughout the world. Not only do the seasons occur at the right time every year, but the crops grow up in a certain pattern and according to certain laws.

So scientists join Einstein in this pursuit of this pattern and the order and the design in the universe, because they have already seen so much order and design in the universe that they understand up to this present time.

Einstein believed somebody ordered the universe.

So we see that Einstein says, "My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior Spirit who reveals Himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble minds." And he says, "We are able to perceive a little of the magnificent and complex order in our world." Of course, there is much more order and design, more subtlety hidden in the world than we have discovered up to this present time. That's why he said, "I believe that there is a mind behind this universe, because I with my mind am able to perceive balance and pattern in it. I can only do that if some other mind has put that pattern into the universe."

Einstein had no doubt that there is an intelligent mind behind the universe and that there is clear evidence that there is purpose in the universe. So there is not only an intelligent mind behind it, but there is a designer that has designed it for certain purposes.

There is order in our world and in our bodies.

Men like Einstein, of course, have discovered deep and complex designs in the animals and the birds, in the insects, in the way the life of nature is related to itself: in the way the make-up of water is related to the temperature that we are able to bear in our bodies, the fact that the greater part of our bodies consists of water, the fact that there is exactly the right pressure in the earth's atmosphere so that we do not cave in, nor do we explode, but there's exactly the right degree of pressure that is needed for our life to exist.

If the temperature was any higher than it is, if the sun was any nearer than it is, we would all burn up. If it were any further away, we would all freeze to death. If the pressure was any less than it is, we would all explode. If it were any greater than it is, we would all cave in and collapse.

It's the same with blood. Blood is able to carry an incredible number of substances around the body without becoming sludge. Yet it is essential to our livelihood. It's amazing to think that thousands and thousands of gallons of blood are pumped by our heart through seventy-thousand miles of veins and arteries every day. Yet the heart goes on for seventy or eighty years without any maintenance.

So throughout the world of nature and human nature scientists can see the design that exists in the world and can see all the evidence that there is some great Scientist that put it there. Otherwise, they who are much lesser scientists could not discover it. That's based on the very down-to-earth principle that you cannot discover order unless order has been placed there.

Design points to a designer.

You cannot perceive design unless someone has actually designed. That's because we all know when we discover a watch lying at our feet on the beach as we're walking along the seashore, we immediately conclude, "Ah, there must have been a watchmaker to make this watch." We know anything as full of design and purpose and order as a watch has to be designed purposely by someone who understands it. None of us believe that a watch is made by someone taking the little wheels of the cogs and the hands and throwing them all into a washing machine and switching the thing on and letting it whirl around for an hour, then stopping it and expecting to pick out a watch fully formed and carefully designed.

We know that time plus chance does not produce things like a watch or things like our universe that has so much order and design in it -- we know that can only be produced by a designer and by an intelligent mind. That's why a man like Einstein concludes that, of course, you can afford to give yourself away and love others, because there is a Creator to take care of your own life for Himself.

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