Freedom and Immigration-Part 2

by Trish Overby

From my previous article, we can see that the words we use can be important to this issue.  It can either make us believe everything is in control and orderly, or it can make us fearful that we are being overrun by illegal immigrants who are taking our jobs and resources.  I would propose it makes us reactionary in finding solutions to the problems of both legal and illegal immigrants.

We ask for the expensive ‘wall’ to be built all across the Southern border of the USA to stop illegal immigrants.  We don’t discuss how to change laws to help families with children  –  so they aren’t separated from parents.  Our president and both major parties are blaming one another without encouraging a dialogue on how best to revise or change the law.

We don’t discuss how to increase legal assistance and judicial procedures to give all immigrants due process.  Currently it is taking up to 9 months to legally process the current people claiming asylum.  Most of these people are living in refugee accommodation on the Mexican border.  I’m not suggesting that we take all these immigrants in, but we do have a duty of care to make sure that those claiming asylum are given a fair hearing for their claims.  With more people coming from Central America we need to make sure they don’t resort to illegal entry because the ‘legal’ way is taking so long to process.


In any solution to be discussed and worked out, we need to remember these are people we are dealing with.  They are not numbers to be counted.  They are not enemies trying to take over our country.  Many of our great grandparents came over in pursuit of a better life than what they had in their birth nation.  Therefore we can all be honest, loving and just.  We can offer love and honesty to whoever comes into our country for protection, pursuit of happiness and freedom of opportunity.  In a way it is what makes America great.  “E Pluribus Unum”  --  Out of many, one.

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