Our Amazing Sun!

Our Amazing Sun!

Our Sun is large enough to contain 1,297,000 Earth's!

The size of our own Earth surpasses all thought. All that man has built on the whole world , ships, cities, and villages taken together would not occupy 300 cubic miles; one scientist reckons only 98 cubic miles.

But the earth contains more than 260,000 millions of such cubic miles. And yet it is itself but an astronomical atom among the whirling constellations, only a tiny speck of dust among the ocean
of suns in the universe.

In the glowing ball of our giant sun alone there is room for 1,297,000 such earths! Furthermore if the Earth was not placed exactly where it is in this orbit around the sun, life could not exist and we would either freeze to death or burn up.

Is there an "uncaused cause" and a "Great Designer" behind all this or are we just mere specks in an impersonal universe that resulted from a "matter + time + chance" explosion long ago?

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