Galaxies seen by Deep Space Hubble

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Stars and Galaxies

Are we here by an accident or is there meaning in all this?

Our Immense Universe
Note!! The lights in this image at the right from the Hubble Deep Space Telescope are not stars, but galaxies -- each galaxy containing hundreds of billions of stars!!

Did you also know that light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second? In the course of one year, light travels nearly six trillion miles! Even at this speed, it would take almost three years to travel to the nearest star named Alpha Centauri.

Astronomers estimate that the closest galaxy is around 43,000,000 light years away! When stars are viewed through a telescope, they seem incredibly close to each other but are actually thousands of light years apart from each other and this is only the beginning of universal space!

Each star in itself may have millions upon millions of square miles of surface area although they seem to us a mere speck of light. And did you realize that the light we see with our eyes could be from stars that have died perhaps thousands or even millions of years ago?

Is it possible that this immense universe that we live in is merely a product of some impersonal "big bang" that evolutionists theorised may have happened billions of years ago? It seems probable and very likely that there is great order and design in our universe and that it didn't come about by an explosion of "matter + time + chance" but by a personal choice. What do you think?