by Ernest O'Neill

Once more the world moves towards one of its great changes as the West begins to move over a little to give space for Asia and Africa to take their place alongside.    Will the West pass on a capitalist model guided by an unselfish democracy or will it pass on a greedy capitalism driven by a rich oligarchy ?   Only our Maker knows how this next phase will lead towards the final concluding of this part of his plan for humanity, but we face an unprecedented opportunity to encourage the development of business that subdues and fills the earth rather than destroying and emptying it.                

Yet again the spirit of Christ’s people in the West or the East can lead in developing the world’s resources in God’s way by the inner integrity of their lives and the outward responsibility of their businesses.     Only such inner purity and outward order can deliver the East from a soul-destroying drive for money and make its cities fragrant gardens.

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