by Ernest O'Neill

We are just beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel of darkness through which the world has been passing. Never has the great super-power seemed so powerless, never has its religion seemed so irreligious, never has its magnanimity seemed so petty and mean. Never has its democracy seemed so undemocratic and its amorality seemed so obvious.

And never has the world seemed so chaotic and uncontrolled or its leaders so lost; never have Asian rich been so rich or poor so poor and never has there been such widespread misunderstanding and polarisation.

Thus the creator clarifies the distinction between the two great powers in the world - that of the sword and that of the spirit. When the power of the spirit takes up the sword - in West or East - in secular government or military power, it no longer exercises its power to civilize and calm the wills of humanity. Just as Islam has taken up arms and become the opposite of itself, so Christianity has taken up secular government and has become the opposite of itself.

Hopefully, we will embrace God's guidance as he leads us out of this doctrinaire, unloving, cerebral parody of true Christianity and our Muslim brothers will embrace his guidance as he leads them out of this fatalistic parody of true Islam.

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