Set Your Affections on Things Above

by G.A. Studdert Kennedy

How far above the things of earth
Is Christ at God's right hand?
How far above yon snowy peaks
Do His white angels stand?

Must we fare forth to seek a world
Beyond that silent star?
Forsake these dear familiar homes
And climb the heights -- How far?

As far as meaning is from speech,
As beauty from a rose,
As far as music is from sound,
As poetry from prose,

As far as art from cleverness,
As painting is from paints,
As far as signs from sacraments,
As Pharisees from Saints,

As far as love from friendship is,
As reason is from Truth,
As far as laughter is from joy,
And early years from youth,

As far as love from shining eyes,
As passion from a kiss,
So far is God from God's green earth,
So far that world from this.

The Unutterable Beauty, Mowbray London & Oxford.

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