by Ernest O'Neill

Once more our patient Creator clarifies for us what faith in Him is. It's not hatred for abortion, support for prayer in schools, admiration for conservative slogans or using political means to achieve spiritual ends. It's not following the crowd or supporting the party-line, it's not making the church the servant of a political agenda.    It's not presenting Christianity as harsh in war and indifferent to social inequities.    

It's caring about the Palestinians who have lived for years in refugee camps, it's speaking the language of loving deeds to fanatics who don't know the God of love, it's providing opportunities for education and jobs to the underprivileged in the third world.    It's being the strong and gentle giant who uses his might to restrain violence and protect the weak.   It's showing patience and forbearance to prevent the violence that will someday end at Armageddon.

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