by Ernest O'Neill

These are days of opportunity for nations in the West. The two huge billion populations of China and India are moving into consumerism and will soon face all the strains of greed and pride that result from preoccupation with things. Their peoples will desperately look for help to survive in the midst of plenty. The West has been in this position for half a century, and it possesses traditions of government and philosophy that can point the way to balanced use rather than unrestrained abuse of the world of things.

It's vital therefore that the current leading nations play their part as stable, gentle giants who show and aid their fellow human beings to enter the twenty-first century. This is the time for the West to rise above its own interests and share the knowledge and wisdom that has enabled its society to manage the challenges created by consumerism. Just as the exigencies of the last century were met with appropriate leaders, so in the Providence of God these new challenges will be met with new leaders.

Always humanity has hoped for stability, nobility and magnanimity in its leaders - these coming days cry out for such men and women.

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