by Ernest O'Neill

As the United States tries to destroy the anarchy of terrorism by force of arms and express its inherent desire for equal treatment of Arab and Jew, it is weighed down by old lies from the past. Although terrorism itself is evil, its cause is the injustice of the permanent refugee camps instead of the justice of territorial, property, and economic restoration.

Much of this stems from the mistaken belief that the current Israeli grab for territory is the promised Biblical return of Israel to the Holy Land. Even as Israel takes on the character of those who oppressed it in the past, the United States appears to the Arab world as an insensitive, blind and greedy tyrant.

Any call for an extension of the old Peace Corps is poisoned at its source by this “American” character that precedes its members wherever they are deployed. Yet again the opportunity is presented for people who live above the national and economic prejudices of land and oil to work as Christian corps members alongside their Arab brothers. Only thus can potential terrorists be convinced that Christ loves them as much as Mohammed.

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