My Heart Friend

I sought a friend; my spirit wept;
I sought such love as couple kindred minds,
And blends their spirits in one purpose high;
A friend, I sought, that pilgrim seldom finds;
I cried, but heard no answer to my mournful sigh.

My toilsome task I daily kept,
To find a friend into whose listening ears
My tale of grief my stamm'ring lips could pour,
And find a healing for my gushing tears;
I sought a mighty refuge from sin's cruel power.

I slept in grief, in grief I woke;
With diligence I searched the earth around;
From north to south, from east to west I sought,
If anywhere such friendship could be found;
Lo here, lo there, my efforts fail'd, I found him not.

I drank the cup of pleasure deep;
I quaff'd its joys where sparkling nectar flows;
The loves of earth, I felt, its smiles I gain'd;
I drain'd the cup, its dregs were mixt with woes;
Its smiles were vanity, the loves of earth were feign'd.

In wisdom's mines, while others slept,
I sought to bury my tormenting fears,
Or find some gem whose sparkling radiance could
In lieu of friendship drive away my tears;
I found a weary brain, but not my fancied good.

My God, at last, a wolf-scared sheep,
I sought thy fold; I came a frighten'd child,
And threw myself on Thee, man's Better Part;
Thine arms were open'd wide, thy mercies smiled;
I found my Friend, and now - He dwelleth in my heart.


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