by Ernest O'Neill

The inexcusable, cruel barbarity of September, 2001 in New York places terrorism alongside nuclear warfare as something that cannot be tolerated if humanity is to continue in existence. This kind of terrorism is not simply the enemy of certain political attitudes - it is the enemy of humanity. It contains within it its own guaranteed destruction because no one is safe while it exists. No justification for such hostility to humanity exists.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that greedy capitalism not only destroys itself as in Enron, the American energy company that has just imploded, but that only unselfish capitalism can give hope that the "have-nots" will soon "have". Otherwise the sheer frustration of temporary camps and economic deprivation drives human beings to suicidal distraction.

So even as we see once more that this world will have to eventually be replaced, it continues to show us how we can make improvements by unselfish development of its resources.

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