Global Village-What is reality?

by Trish Overby

Lately in the UK, we have had monthly retail sales figures broadcast to us over the Television, Radio and through Newspapers. It appears to be on a see-saw when looked at over several months. The gloom of the Far Eastern and Brazilian economies doesn't seem to help encourage the economic situation here in Britain. However when speaking with most of my customers, they all seem to be more upbeat than I would expect them to be. Are the figures wrong? Are the economist's predictions correct? Is this 'global village' starting to affect the way my customers look at their business? Is what is happening in the Far East really affecting the UK man on the street? Is it affecting him in his pocket book or his psyche?

The news media now gives us 24 hour coverage. Within seconds of an event happening, such as the recession in the Far East or the Brazilian Real devaluating, we know about it from our news programs. Instant news reporting could be producing instant results. The 'global village' comes right to our door step. How do we react?

Some of us might be affected emotionally, thinking this means prices will go up, or jobs(my job) lost and downsizing in our company. Most of us view this in a negative way because of how it will influence our lives. Our families must eat, be clothed, and have a comfortable place to live. What can we do to keep our families out of the 'poor house'? We realize this 'global village' is too close for comfort. Or is it?

There are some repercussions from what happens in our 'global village'. According to the government, it appears the UK economy has never been so strong and solid. But we hear of job losses and manufacturing orders are down even though UK inflation is low when compared to other European countries. Remembering the 'recession' of the late 80's/early 90's these effects are hardly anything. So what is reality? Is what the newspapers/TV programs tell us true? Yes, they are true but we are perceiving/interpreting them as, "how this 'NEWS' bulletin will affect us?". And how will it affect us now?

In actual fact, it will affect us as much as we allow it. We do have a choice in what we believe and don't believe. We also have a choice on what we allow to influence our decisions, thinking and lives. What happens 3000 miles away may some day affect your life but presently it doesn't. This present day is the day we live in. The present reality is the reality we live in. Why worry about what may happen in the future? We can influence the future by the choices we make today. This is why it is important to live one day at a time. There is so much to live in at present! Live it to the full!

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