by Ernest O'Neill

Just as we humans reluctantly accept that this business system or that political system will never build paradise on earth, so we are forced by providence to accept that this institution or that public figure will never fulfill our ideals for human nature. So the evidence that the American "emperor has no clothes" simply confirms that honor and truth has to be found outside the futile attempts of our race to govern itself in justice and mercy.

The greater wonder is that the power behind the universe graciously achieves his purposes despite the governments he allows to exist. Each icon that is shattered by the facts attests to the vindication of God and the condemnation of man. So once again, humanity is lifted up out of the dust by an unseen, unconquerable spirit - with a little less of its own hubris - and with rags of righteousness that are a bit more tattered.

Thus reality will shine forth - more and more - unto the coming day!

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