by Ernest O'Neill

As our world prepares to "go at capitalism" again, we will see once more that an "ism" (whether capitalism or communism) will not do the job. What will make or ruin the world is not a technique or ideology, but man's selfishness or unselfishness. The third-world economies lie in ruins because of unrestrained selfishness rather than because of capitalism.

So, what we need is ambassadors who will impart to others the attitude and wisdom to develop the world's resources to meet human needs - not to satisfy human greed. History shows, of course, that "there lies the rub". The problem is to find or produce hearts that live like that.

Obviously we have all benefited from someone who thought this way. Whether we look at acres of orange trees or tons of water or fish in the sea, we see that someone somewhere has produced in abundance what we humans need. The moment we face this fact squarely, we see our dependence on Him. If we hold on to that dependence on Him, we begin to sense our own security lies in what He provides rather than what we can get for ourselves.

So, the only humans that can live above greed are those that sense a loving Father is in charge. Only such good news can rescue us from man's selfishness and self-destruction.

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