Revival Lectures

by Charles Finney

This is not a " hell fire and brimstone" sort of exhortation urging people to repent and be saved. Instead, these lectures are written for people who consider themselves believers in and practitioners of the Christian faith.

The writer is intent upon exposing long held, and in his view, mistaken beliefs about revival in order that believers may see the errors in their reasoning for themselves and be moved to explore the solid, biblically supported understanding of what revival is truly meant to be.

The author's goal in this exposure is to enable people, through understanding and faith, based upon fact, to avoid the pitfalls churches (and therefore people) have fallen into for centuries. Those pitfalls are the tendencies to follow patterns of belief that have no biblical basis, and yet, have taken hold of the minds and emotions of peoples and leaders with the result that special times set aside in churches for "Revivals" most often fail.

Finney clearly believes that the church is meant to be deeply revived in their faith and that the result of this is to be in changed lives that are lived in a consistent manner with all that the Bible-based Christian faith teaches. He believes that lives so changed are able to be witnesses and living testimonies to the God of the Bible which is what the main point of a true revival of religion.

Charles Finney was a lawyer well-trained in the skills of logical thinking and clear presentation. Those skills are clearly displayed in these writings, balanced by the warmth of personal understanding and a lifetime of experience. He exposes, challenges and leads us to see what is available to us today if we take the time to study and search out the truth.

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