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Mere Christianity

--by C.S.Lewis

Have you ever quarreled? How did you determine the outcome? Who won? Who did you appeal to as the arbiter of what was right or wrong? For obviously you and the other person involved had an unspoken understanding that there was a right answer or you would not have entered into the argument in the first place!

Where do you suppose that certainty comes from? That certainty that there is a standard which most people assume is the correct way to respond in a given situation? C.S. Lewis would say it is because of what used to be called the Law of Nature, meaning the law of human nature as opposed to the law of gravity. A Law which all men inherently sense to exist and which is right.

Following this line of thinking C.S. Lewis points to the understanding that each of us has that there exists what we would define as acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior and in that understanding is an unspoken acknowledgment that there exists someone or something which embodies and gives meaning to those standards. Some final arbiter of right and wrong.

Lewis is not concerned with promoting a particular theological slant or a particular church's doctrine. He admits he does not feel qualified to write along those lines. But he is interested in enabling people to see that this unwritten code of decent behavior that so many of us choose to live by, even at times of great personal cost, has it's basis in the simple reality of Christianity.

C.S. Lewis was Professor of Mediaeval and Renaissance English at Cambridge University, England, but is perhaps best known as the writer of the Narnia Tales, The Screwtape Letters, and his own life story as portrayed in the movie Shadowlands.

He is able to appeal to that place in each of us that senses there has to be something deeper to this life. That there has to be a meaning beyond being born into this world, getting all you can from this world then dying. He appeals to what so many of us sense when trying to understand it all but not knowing where to look to find the answers or even how to start the search. Mere Christianity is a good place to start the search. C.S. Lewis was in exactly the same place in questioning as many of us were when he began his search. Read on and see if you agree with what he has found.

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