by Ernest O'Neill

All around the world human beings are becoming aware of the power of business! Great numbers of men and women seem to be awaking from a deep sleep. Outwardly the sleep seems to have been passivity brought on by the communist concept of a state-owned and state-directed economy, but probably it was just another expression of man's repeated unawareness of reality.

Now we like to think that a new age of prosperity stretches before us - with eventual prosperity for all, but the advantages of a free market are already being perverted even in these "early days". Just as Churchill talked about "dictators riding about on hungry tigers", our societies are being increasingly dominated by wolves whose eyes and ears are seeking gold night and day.

You can see it daily in the fashionable restaurants of the West - and the fashionable restaurants of the East. Everywhere brains - in Cambridge, in Docklands, in Yale, in Wall Street, in the University of Moscow, in the new stock market, in Beijing university, in Chinese shop-fronts - are working overtime to make - prosperity for the under-privileged, relief for the diseased - money, money, money !!! Eyes are filled with the cars and planes and houses and boats that can be bought with money. Meanwhile, homes and wives and children - and the dear dreams of many young men and women - are being thrown away and destroyed through neglect.

This is a wonderful time of opportunity for the world. But all of us clever entrepreneurs have to turn away from our own interest before we destroy ourselves and our relatives and our friends. Our creator gave us free economy to develop his world in his way and spirit - not in our way and spirit!!

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