Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell

Did you know that in ancient Roman times discipline in the Roman army was so strict that an infraction as small as disturbing the peace was punishable by death? Punishment for a "faulty night watch" (something as simple as saluting improperly) was punishable by forcing the accused to run through a gauntlet of cudgels!

Imagine what would happen to a soldier caught sleeping through the night after receiving one of the most important guard duties of that day.

It makes sense then, that when the rumour began to circulate that the guards assigned to watch over the tomb of Jesus had fallen asleep and that while they slept, the friends of Jesus came and removed his body, the guards would have been very concerned.

This rumour of the stealing of the body of Jesus, along with other stories and speculations, began circulating throughout the countryside when the grave of Jesus was found to be empty on the third day after his burial -- just as he had predicted when alive.

But countering those rumours were eye-witness accounts, spoken out at that time and also recorded, attesting to the fact that not only was the grave empty, but Jesus himself had been seen by and had spoken with many people.

In Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell addresses the issue of whether the material contained in these eye-witness accounts, known as the New Testament Documents, is reliable. Considering that the basis for the existence of the Christian faith is the rising of Christ from the dead, the question of their reliability is vital. For if Christ did not rise from the dead as he claimed, then how were any of his other claims to be taken seriously? If he did not rise from the dead, his other statements would lack validity and the foundation for the Christian faith would crumble.

In presenting this evidence, Mr McDowell cites material from noted historians, geological discoveries of manuscripts and some of the best historical and legal minds or our times. The evidence is presented in a clear and precise manner leading the reader from example to argument, from evidence to searching question. His list of resource material is extensive.

It has been said that this generation is capable of holding two completely opposing views of thought on a subject because little time is spent studying all sides of an issue before drawing a conclusion.

Evidence that Demands a Verdict will equip you with many of the facts needed to make an informed decision about the validity of the Christian faith.

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