Diary of a Saleswoman

My Question and Answer

By Sandra Tomczyk

I have been selling jewelry for over 11 years now. I was in my mid-twenties when I started sales, and I was a new Christian then also. It's an odd thing but I have often looked back at that 26-year-old who had so much to learn but who was going to conquer her world wherever she went. I have laughed at her, moaned at her mistakes - but I have found that I have missed her also. My Saviour was new to me back then - but He was my Saviour in EVERYTHING and the Saviour of the WORLD. We were invincible and I knew we were going to make a difference.

Well, let's go forward now six years & very likely maybe 500,000 sales calls later. My hopes and expectations that were brimming over when I first started sales are no longer brimming at this time. I was "just" selling jewelry. I was "just" doing "my job". This had a double- edged sword for me because when I became a Christian I didn't think of "work" as "a job" anymore. Everything was for Jesus. So this then led me to heart searchings as to where I was going wrong or not seeing things correctly in my faith. FOR YEARS I had a question that I was afraid to ask Jesus - but I did eventually ask Him because it was such a QUESTION - I just didn't understand it. Everything within me would wonder, "WHAT GOOD DOES SELLING JEWELRY DO?" I just couldn't see what good jewelry would do for eternal life. My "question" led me to think if there were nobler professions or positions for a Christian woman. Is it a "higher" position to raise godly children, or in my case, to teach children since I'm not married? Would it be better to pray for the rest of my life - up on a mountain in a convent somewhere? I can't make stained-glass windows or write an exposition that would change a generation, but what about just scrubbing the floors of a church somewhere?

I thought about the "levels" of jobs in the world & didn't like that I was in a level that was low to the bottom. One day as I sat in a waiting room of a doctor's office, I couldn't stop scolding myself. I thought if I had disciplined my brain to "think!" when I was growing up and going through school, I could possibly be a doctor now making a difference and helping people. But what we "do" can have pride prowling around it which enters into us if we do it for reasons other than love for Jesus and love for others. But I DID love Jesus and I wanted to love others & be able to express His love through me. But my "question" of selling jewelry for Jesus still was there.

I just couldn't see the point of it. My 'question' never became a conviction to lead me in a different direction - it was just such a question to me.

My "answer" came to me last year and maybe another 500,000 sales calls later. (I know--I am a fast learner!) It has completely silenced my worldly wonderings. It is in John 6:5-13 which is the account of the feeding of five thousand people. I think almost everyone has heard one of the stories of the feedings of the multitudes. I actually remember as a young girl wondering why they always seemed to read the same "story" in church. It had no meaning to me for so long - but NOT SO ANYMORE!

Now, "my job" which is a very tangible and practical real thing like a loaf of bread or a fish, can be given to Jesus for His use, His touch, His thanksgiving and breaking - to feed thousands.

"The numbers" don't matter when we give things to Jesus. Being in the businessworld and sales, I know very well how numbers count - to make my customers money in order to keep them as customers, and to pay the bills which I am an expert at accumulating. Verse 7 tells us that "two hundred denarii would not buy enough bread for each of them to get a little." A footnote in my Bible explains that one denarii is a day's wage. So to put it in perspective, the cost to feed most (not even all) of the five thousand people just a snack of bread (not counting the fish), would cost 200 days pay which is OVER a half year's wages (even before IR!)! The facts of the story say that the people not only had their fill but there were plenty of leftovers also.

An especially dear part of the story is that what Jesus used that day to feed so many came from a young boy: "There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what are they among so many?" Jesus doesn't only listen to CEO's or the head 'religious' people. Here He actually received a gift given from a small boy in a huge crowd. Jesus notices all and does not think any gift small or worthless. So, whatever we give the Living Saviour - our hearts, our minds, our work... - He can touch and multiply and use it to meet very real needs for thousands of people.

I don't think in terms of "we" as I said in my first paragraph, "We were invincible - and I knew we were going to make a difference." Now, I KNOW JESUS ALONE is the invincible One, the Conqueror, the Life-giver - and He already HAS MADE a difference in each heart - in each circumstance - everywhere.

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