by Ernest O'Neill

One of the wonderful facts of business and its laws is that it comes from a Creator who loves people. Generally therefore business prospers when its leaders honestly endeavour to treat others as they themselves would wish to be treated. None of us like to be ignored or treated as statistics or machines, so businesses that treat us like this will finally fail.

This is part of the reason why David repeatedly slays Goliath. A business grows by servicing its customers; then it attracts investors and becomes engrossed with increasing its dividends and share prices. To achieve these ends, it has to increase its market-share and efficiency. To achieve these ends quickly, it buys other companies and outgrows its ability to digest the companies it swallows. Customers are serviced by automated phone systems and employees who lack any personal commitment to the company or its clients.

A little David starts the same business on a shoe-string and begins to care for his clients, and Goliath's days are numbered! Throughout business, speaking to the customer always wins over speaking at the customer. The restaurant with waiters and waitresses who perform for themselves rather than listen to the customer will eventually go out of business. This is simply because we are made by a Person who speaks to us not at us; so we will always be drawn to hosts who speak to us and listen to us.

So, the whole life of mankind is constantly drawn back to its origins and to its Originator by the fact that all were created in his image.

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