Diary of a Business Woman

Worship at Work?

by Joanne Leitschuh

I always thought that church was the only natural place of worship. Last week, it occurred to me that the office can be a place of worship, too! How can entering data on the computer be worship? How can dealing with overdue accounts or preparing an advertising budget be worship?

I looked up the definition of worship: "homage or service paid to God; adoration felt or shown for a person or principle". The heart of my worship to God is giving Him the most important parts of my life. I see in my job the need to declare to Him DAILY that everything I do is for Him and that I am at His disposal. As I see the business world getting more complicated, it is vital for me to hear His voice and understand His direction. This not only brings rest to myself, but to those I come in contact with.

God created us so that we could minister to Him. He has promised that if we approach Him in a way that is appropriate, He will respond to us. When I approach Him during the day with a clean conscience, I am able to hear Him speak. This is worship. It is a service to a loving God. In some mysterious way, I can minister to Him not only at church, but when I am on the phone talking to a jewellery buyer.

When I minister to another person, I am utterly preoccupied with them: what do they need; what can I do for them; what do they need to hear at this time? I can speak to God throughout the day in this manner as well. It is not what I can get out of my job, but what I can offer God through my job.

Worship is not an emotional feeling. It is not mental exercise. It is easy to be caught in just paying lip service to God. Have I ever tried to manipulate Him by praying that situations will work out the way I want them to? Sometimes I try to rule my own life -- in MY way. It is shocking to think of the minutes, the hours and even days that I can spend ministering to myself! Real freedom comes when God is in the centre of my job - my daily worship.

What kind of worship does God want to receive? Leviticus Chapt. 1 goes into great detail of how worship used to be: it held the people's attention; it contained a lot of action and life; the people brought the best that they had; it cost them something. Therefore, it is appropriate that I bring to God the very best that I have - the parts of my life that I really treasure: my time, my energy, my skills.

Worship comes easily when I am not dependent on worldly props. In business, it is possible to work primarily for God. This allows me to hear Him speak just as vividly as He did to the people in the Old Testament.

I feel I still have much to learn about how I approach God -- not only on Sunday mornings, but in the midst of the telephone calls and the pile of order forms. Can the people I work with easily recognize Who is at the centre of my life? Do I make time to help someone? Do I avoid cutting someone with the words I speak? Each and every action and thought of my day can be a form of worship to a faithful God who, most certainly, is worthy of it.

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