by Ernest O'Neill

The twenty-first century world is taking another step in its rediscovery of the free-market economy - the need to restrain the selfishness that spoils what we call capitalism. The recent meeting of ex-leaders of national governments concluded on this sober note - unless social responsibility to the under-privileged matches responsibility for increasing share-holder value, capitalism will undermine its own success.

Although none of us can envisage a new "rising of the proletariat" to wipe out the provocative widening gap between rich and poor, we all can see the danger of two billion Asians who live in primitive poverty and watch daily on TV the dream-world of Western millionaires. Human nature cannot bear that kind of contradicton because there is something inside each individual that cries out 'this should not be'!

Most of us feel that all human beings were meant to share together the resources of this planet: so the sooner we move out of our greed towards international agreements on who makes what, the sooner we will start to face honestly that the only hindrance to world-prosperity is man himself.

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